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Flames & Roses are designed in a way where you can use the LUTs & Presets for both your photgraphy and videography color grading process.  Did you always want your photos to match your film ? Well, is has never been easiere. People say that our Luts & Presets are a perfect solution when you mix photos and film in your work!

Why to use our LUTS?

The idea behind creating Flames & Roses was to SAVE YOUR TIME in the edition process of yourfilms. By creating various cinematic looks inspired by movies that we all love, you can nowspice up your wedding or commercial films in a few clicks. It’s really easy – Drag & Drop the LUT and with a few small adjustments youcan have the desired look. Works with all the major editing software. 

why to use our presets?

When you shoot video and photos there is nothing better than creating the same constant lookfor your couples in both the films and pictures they receive from you. Now with Flames & Rosesyou can not only edit your photos but also match them super easy with your films.  

there is more to get

At Flames&Roses we are constantly working on new tools. By joining our wolfpack you will be the first one to get the newest Luts & Presets with the best % price. What is more you will also get our new MUSIC pack with amazing custom made sounds. On your mailbox we will send you from time to time some little hints and articles related to coloring grading, editing, shooting as well as marketing and business. There are so many reasons to join us, we can’t even name them all. 

luts & presets – discover the looks

Earth Pack Luts & Presets

One of the most popular and common used LUTS & Presets pack out there. Since its appearance, it has been used across the globe by wedding videographers and photographers but also in commercial productions as well as travel and event videos.  

This pack is inspired by all the amazing destinations in the world, and its unique colors, vibrance, and luminosity. Each of the 15 LUTS & Presets has its own look and a bit of the grain flavor to make it appear more cinematic. If you want to get a very unique and dazzling look for your videos and photography this is the right pack for you!

Emotions Pack Luts & Presets

We all love to work with emotions – either with our wedding couples or even in other commercial work that simple needs to stand out. This is why we have created this new amazing set of looks to help you to achive this deep and sensual look for your upcoming work.  

All the LUTs work with the most editing software such as: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Da Vinci Resolve and more. And yes all the PRESETS are specially designed to match your film look while editing the photos in Adobe Lightroom. The LUTs will go extremely well with most of the cameras on the market that shoot REC 709 or even in LOG format. Absolute Luts & Presets bestseller. 

Jewels Pack Luts & Presets

I strongly believe color grading is a powerful storytelling element. Hence, just applying a random look to your footage will not cut it. It needs to enhance the story you want to tell! The JEWELS Luts & Presets pack was created with that in mind. 

You will find a selection of looks I use on my wedding films, commercial and personal projects and they all evoke a different feeling. Think about warmth, elegance, nostalgia, and connection, among other moods. Here you will find the look you need to enhance your storytelling and add that beautiful touch your footage deserves!


What is the difference LUTs and PRESETS

Presets are designed to work with photos in your editing software such a Adobe Lightroomor Photoshop where as LUTs are made for film editing software like Adobre Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve and more. 

Luts vs Presets?

They go hand in hand, not against each other. If you are worried that you use presets instead of luts – don’t be. Its all about understanding that Luts are for video and presets are for photography. 

How to use presets in Lightroom?

After you upload your raw or .jpg photos into the Library you can then move on to the Develop tab. On the leftside under your Navigator you need to go to Presets and righ click User Presets. By click the + button you can import the Flames & Roses presets directly into your Lightroom. And you are ready to go! 

Which editing software will work with Flames&Roses?

You can use our Luts & Presets in all the major editing software for both photographyand videography such as: Adobre Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve and more.