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sebastian nandryka

I don’t think I ever chose to become a wedding videographer; It’s destiny that pulled me in this direction. And you know what? I would not change a thing. I consider myself the luckiest person on earth by doing something I fell in love with. Yes, I definitely love portraying emotions with my films!

Adam fabian szewczyk

Probably one of the few people in the World who is not afraid of living on another planet.

Ever since I can remember the universe was a great interest of mine. I would definitely love to go into space one day and use the space shuttle as a drone substitute. Actually, whenever I am not shooting a wedding I love to go out into the wilderness and look at stars and contemplate about life and space – having my camera with me I do love shoot astrophotography. Will you be on my milky way?

Other than that I took on a healthy lifestyle a few years ago and I am not looking back. Thousands of miles done cycling, running or swimming, peak climbing and traveling off the trail above and beyond the horizon.