Meet Flames & Roses Designers


Sebastian Nandryka and Fabian Szewczyk are the two guys behind the Flames & Roses movement and are also the creators of the Earth and Jewels pack. 
We are friends since back in the day, we made music together, we discovered videography together and we drive each other crazy with ideas, concepts, and inspirations. 
On one of those super inspiring days, while we were grading some footage that we shot together for a commercial – we realized we got so many coloring presets ready to share the world that it’s impossible to keep that cinematic beast any longer. 
We are always going for that analog, cinema-inspired look, with a little touch of grain and tones that will make your audience feel like they are watching a movie in a theater. 



We are Luigia and Giuseppe, founders and videographers on evergreen film, a married duo based in the stunning Italy, we travel the world documenting the most beautiful love stories. Our paths crossed despite coming from different studies: Giuseppe is graduated in Art, he is also a teacher video Artist. His works have been exhibited in many art exhibitions like Venice Biennale of Art. I (Luigia) have studied communication and performing Arts. We are gentle souls who love people, we are fascinated by their stories. Every story is unique and each of our videos reflects this distinctiveness, we always look for the truly beauty in everything, including the imperfect, the ordinary and the authenticity. We treat the “wedding story” as a special form of anthropological cinema, a form of Mythopoetic lyricism drawing on those languages of avant-garde cinema.


We feel very inspired by a specific branch of the History of Cinema, that kept us stuck to its charm over the years of study of art films: non-narrative and the New American Cinema. We are inspired by the work of Stan Brackhage, Jonas Mekas, Mery Menken, Tarkovskij, Bergman, David Lynch, Refn, or Terrence Malick, Won Kar Wai, Peter Grenaway, Darren Aronofsky, Roy Andensson. Each film we have seen has left a mark in our work.


We believe that to tell memories or emotions we need a more intimate approach with the subject. Itís necessary to reclaim the concept of ďamateursĒ (a French word that means ďthe one who lovesĒ) and look at the world with simple eyes. We have to show the pureness of things as would a father who is filming their child seeing for the first time the sea. We must love, dream, imagine, discover the stories that are hidden under the surface of things.