Are you looking for an experienced and creative Logo and Branding designer for photographers and videographers? Well, then chances are you are in the right spot to find a little bit of magic for brand! Sebastian Nandryka from SuperWeddings together with his amazing wife want to give you the opportunity to plug in to our brains and let us brainstorm, create, draw and render some awesomeness to bring your company to the next level.


Everything is hand drawn from scratch basing on your brands identity and philosophy.
Who are? Where are going to? What do you love? This is what your logo needs to scream out loud to your audience. Talk to use about your vision and we will tell you what we can do and possibly develop your idea in ways you have not imagined before.


Its about helping you create a universe around your logo that you can inspire others with.
When you have your logo its time to make it “usable” and place it on websites, prints, photo boxes, tshirts or business cards. We will deconstruct and reconstruct the logo in all the ways for you to have it always cool and amazing.

Why should we make your logo and or branding?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer. Together with my wife Dasia we love to travel around Europe and the World to
many weddings, events and life style parties. We want to use this experience to help elevate your brand and create a logo for you next destination wedding photography or videography business.

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