Crop Season – Road to redemption (VOD)


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Written & Directed and Edited by Sebastian Nandryka

Shot in Gran Canaria 

Produced by Superstudios & Ocean Films

Camera used: Black Magic Pocket 4k

Starring Jack Jagodka who made appearances on The Northman, The Witcher, Black Widow, Justice League and many other huge Hollywood projects! 

Jack has played in movies with actors such as Nicole Kidmann, Penelope Cruz or Samuel L. Jackson making hime one of the most succesful stunt performers in the World.  Now in Crop Season he takes on the role of a ex drug police force somewhere in Middle America.

In a land far away from home there is a man trying to escape his past. Once a field agent for the DEA, today a farmer living a regular life. Little does he know that the past is just about to knock on his front door.

Watch the trailer:

Written & Directed by Sebastian Nandryka Produced by Jacek Jagodka and Sebastian Nandryka Director of Photography Diego Rueda 1st Assistant Director Adrián Rivero Edit Sebastian Nandryka Music Adam Fabian Szewczyk Post production Adam Fabian Szewczyk Sound Joel Rodríguez Adrián González Fabio Barber Stunts Jota Ramos Dani Medina Gaffer Samuel Vilás Focus Assist Nicole Luthor Arturo Rodríguez Best Boy Sergiu Lacob Makeup Rosa Marañon Gloria Da Luz Andrea López Location Finca La Suerte, Gran Canaria