For fearless artist and adventure lovers who keep the fire burning

Designed on the wild beaches and mountains of gran canaria

Designed by hand

For photographers and filmmakers around the world

Featured female & male

2020 Collection

Featured mugs & accessories


So what does flames & roses stand for?

As photographers and filmmakers who travel the world to weddings, elopements and travel shoots we never felt understood by any brand out there. We never felt to speak the same language as the rest of the globe.

We are different - we are fragile but also wild and adventurous. Inspired by the ocean, the waves, the landscapes and the wilderness we bring to you a brand that screams out:

"I tell stories for a living"

We echo your souls so dont be afraind to scream with us.

Designed by hand

Most of our clothes are hand drawn and designed specifically for a given look, color and style. It is not a mass product, it has limited availability so be fast to get in.

We also offer you a fully hand styles and decorated jeans jacket that you order on demand. You can read a lot more about it here.